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Our Hospital Held the Conference of Celebration and Commendation for Chinese Medical Workers’ Day






On August 19, our hospital held the Conference of Celebration and Commendation to celebrate the second "Chinese Medical workers’ Day" in order to further promote the new era of medical professionalism, "respecting life, saving the wounded and dying, dedicating to works, and loving the whole world without borders", and inspire the whole hospital doctors to work hard. The conference was hosted by President Li Changqin.


In order to strengthen the standardization construction of our hospital, the Medical Affairs Office and the related functional departments held the "Medical Quality and Safety Core System Knowledge” Competition, which was participated by Internal Medicine Department, Surgery Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Pediatrics Department, and Medical Laboratory Department. After fierce competition, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department team won the first prize, the Surgery Department team and Pediatrics Department team won the second prize, and Internal Medicine Department team and Medical Laboratory Department teams won the third prize. Jia Haipeng, Song Bo, Li Aijie, Wang Guifang and Zhang Yue won the Outstanding Player Award.


Yang Xiaowen read out the Outstanding Doctors of Shandong Province, the “Top Ten Female Doctors” in Shandong Province, the Commendation decision on Outstanding Doctors and Outstanding Young Doctors of 2019 of our hospital, the winners of Excellent Medical Records and Outstanding Personnel and Collectives of the Competition. The leaders of the hospital issued honorary certificates to Outstanding Individuals and Advanced Collectives respectively. Comrade Han Chenghe, the outstanding doctor representative of Shandong Province, Comrade Zhang Shupeng, the outstanding doctor representative of the hospital, and Comrade Song Xiao, the representative of the outstanding young doctor made speeches at the conference.

Liu Jianbo spoke on behalf of the Party Committee and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the 730 doctors who worked in the clinical field. He pointed out that for a long time, the medical staff of our hospital responded to the party's call, earnestly practiced Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and wholeheartedly provided high-quality and efficient medical services for the people's health, and made outstanding contributions. The hospital has always adhered to the public welfare, especially in the face of major infectious diseases prevention and control, major accidents, fighting disasters, aiding foreign countries, aiding the grassroots, the medical staff of our hospital has won high praise from the party, the government, and the people with their superb medical skills and noble medical ethics. At the same time, he put forward two requirements for the physicians in the hospital: Firstly, we should not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and work as the patron saint for the people; Secondly, we should strive for the first-class requirements, keep making progress, and to build a high-level hospital.


Li Changqin pointed out that the doctors of the hospital should take the construction of a high-level medical university affiliated hospital as a new starting point, thoroughly study and implement the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on medical and health works, remember the doctors vows, deepen the medical reform, pay close attention to the quality of medical care, improve the technical level, and write a new chapter in the development of the affiliated hospital; medical workers should cultivate medical ethics and work with enthusiasm to improve people's health and well-being with high-quality services; we should make unremitting efforts and bravely challenge the new height to build a healthy China and realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.


Finally, under the guidance of Fang Zhensheng, the leaders of the hospital and the participating doctors stood up and read the "Chinese Doctors’ Declaration" together.


Author: Zhou Su Photographer:Ma Xiaoyong Translator: Bi Xing  Editor: He Shuyun