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Our Hospital Held Commendation Conference on Celebration of CPC Foundation Day



On June 26th, the Commendation Conference on Celebration of CPC Foundation Day was held in our hospital. Leaders Liu Jianbo, Li Changqin, Hu Jiangong, Niu Yuzhen, Jia Qingwei, Yang Xiaowen and Xiao Qiang together with Party Secretaries, members, Party member deputies and probationary Party members attended the conference which was presided over by Li Changqi.


The conference opened in the sound of the National Anthem. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Hu Jiangong read out the "Commendation Decision on Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations, Outstanding Party Workers, and Outstanding Communists." The leaders issued honorary certificates to the advanced collectives and outstanding individual representatives. Zhang Mingcheng, a member of the probationary party, and Cao Chunguang, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the Surgical Party, made speeches as representatives of the new party members and old party members respectively. They expressed their deep loyalty and love to the Party, and expressed their firm determination of dedication.


Party Secretary Liu Jianbo made a speech on behalf of the Party Committee. He reviewed the glorious course of the Communist Party of China in the past 98 years, summed up the road of hard work of the hospital. At the same time, he hoped that all party members and cadres would carry forward the spirit of "Mount Tai Heavers" and make more contributions to the development of the hospital. Liu Jianbo demanded that we should take the political construction as the guide and implement the work principle of the Party Committee; we should focus on discipline construction to ensure the healthy and steady development of the hospital; we should build a work style as the main line, pay close attention to the style of work, resolutely rectify formalism and bureaucracy, condense the wisdom and strength of cadres and workers, and promote our hospital to a new level.

Li Changqin emphasized that our hospital has solidly promoted the "Second Pioneering Work" and successfully won the title of “First-class Ternary General Hospital” through several generations of people's joint efforts after 45 years foundation, we displayed the development achievements on the platform of the provincial hospitals. We must continue to follow Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, firmly adhere to the "Four Consciousnesses", strengthen "Four Self-confidences", and resolutely achieve "Two Maintenance" and never forget our original missions, comprehensively grasp the historical opportunities, make due contributions to the construction of the affiliated hospital of High-level Medical University, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


Finally, the new party members and the old party members reviewed the oath of the Party. The conference wrapped up in the majestic International Song.


Author: Li Yan  Photographer:Jin Yi   Translator: Bi Xing  Editor: He Shuyun