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Department of Geriatrics was evaluated as the provincial key discipline by Shandong Ministry of Health in 1997, it served as the master-degree program base for Taishan Medical University. It is the important base for scientific research, graduated students’ cultivation, foreign exchange and medical services for Taishan Medical University and Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University. It has 11 chief physicians and professors, 18 deputy chief physicians and professors, 1 supervisor for doctor-degree graduates, 10 supervisor for master-degree graduates, 5 physicians with doctor degree, 20 physicians with master degree, 1 physician enjoys special government allowances from state council, 2 provincial academic middle-aged backbone, 2 university academic middle-aged backbone, 5 faculty academic middle-aged backbone. Discipline leader Xia Zuoli carried out the cultivation of doctor-degree graduates program with Shandong University.


It equipped with international advanced experimental apparatus such as laser confocal microscope and flow cytometry, capillary electrophoresis apparatus, speed refrigerated centrifuge, multichannel biological analysis system, laser doppler blood flow meter, medical image analysis system, animal brain stereotaxic instrument, dewatering machine and so on. It invited many experts from The Japanese love luca brasi university, Korea Yonsei medical university,AustraliaandTaiwanto give lectures, and sent physicians to US and other countries to have advanced study. The CCS-2 program participated by them was sponsored by British Oxford University Medical College and China Medical Science College Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital. There were more than 20 scientific research tasks undertaken and completed from 2003, there were 3 national Natural Science Fund Projects, 5 provincial Natural Science Fund Projects, 10 provincial projects, 17 municipal projects, 15 projects entrusted by other units and several Taishan Medical University’s project. There were 22 scientific awards with 2 provincial first prizes, 9 provincial second prizes, 3 municipal second prizes and 6 third prizes. There were 16 dissertations published in the foreign famous academic journals, 12 of them were collected by SCI, more than 200 dissertations were published in national professional magazine with 14 of them were regarded as the Chinese magazine works series. There were one physician served as the chief editor, 3 physicians served as the assist editor, and 10 physicians participated the medical works editing. It hosted national academic meeting one time, provincial academic meeting one time, national continuing medical education 2 times, provincial continuing medical education 3 times. Many physicians’ academic reports received good responses from the society.