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General Surgery

General Surgery is a key discipline in Taishan Medical Universities, and a key clinical specialty in Shandong Province. It offers training program for graduate students and consists of two wards. Under the leadership of academic leader, renowned surgical expert Professor Wang Qingbao, the pioneered and innovated works of medical staff, and advanced technology, the Department made fruitful achievements. Currently, there are 5 chief physicians and professors, 3 deputy chief physicians and associate professors, 4 master supervisors, 1 surgeon with doctor’s degree, and 23 with master’s degree.


Hilar cholangiocarcinoma was considered to be a restricted area for surgical operation because of its special site and difficult performance. The Department carried out hilar cholangiocarcinoma resection in early 1990s, which up to domestic advanced level. "Study on the scope of resection of hilar cholangiocarcinoma in the surrounding tissue" won the second prize of the Provincial Department of Education for scientific and technological progress. In 1990, it implemented "the ileocecal hepatoduodenal anastomosis" treatment of common bile duct cysts, which solved the problem of reflux after removal of common bile duct cysts, and it received a better long-term clinical effect. The relevant research results have been identified as the domestic advanced level and won the third prize of the provincial education committee for scientific and technological progress. In 2008, this surgical procedure was included by the Ministry of Health “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” textbook and the National College of Medical Sciences postgraduate planning textbook “General Surgery”, which was highly recognized and praised by the medical community.


The Department successfully carried out multiple liver transplants and achieved good social benefits. It innovatively carried out pancreatic and duodenal resection of gallbladder and pancreas isolation and gastrointestinal reconstruction anastomosis which has effectively prevented pancreatic leakage problems. Several new surgical treatments for pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma have been carried out, which have effectively improved the resection rate, reduced complications and trauma, and achieved good clinical results. Low abdominal rectal cancer patients undergo conventional abdominal wall stoma and suffer from great mental and physical pain. The department continued to improve the anastomosis technique, and has carried out anorectal angioplasty, low resection and anastomosis, which enabled many patients with low rectal cancer to retain the anus and avoid the pain of abdominal wall stoma.


The Department has rich experience in the treatment of intrahepatic bile duct stones by hepatobiliary drainage, hepatectomy, and hepatic hilar bile duct orthopedic drainage, which minimized the residual and recurrence of stones. The adoption of combined multiple organs resection and total gastrectomy for late gastric cancer has greatly improved the surgical resection rate.  The Department has in-depth research on gastric replacement after total gastrectomy. It has accumulated rich experience in treatment of post-sternal goiter, hyperthyroidism and other high-risk surgical operation.


Minimally invasive surgical techniques have been favored by the majority of patients because of their minimal trauma, rapid recovery, and short hospital stay. In the early 1990s, the Department undertook small incision cholecystectomy and subtotal gastrectomy. Laparoscopic Surgery Department carried out laparoscopic splenectomy, thyroidectomy, low rectal cancer resection and anus-preserving surgery, hepatectomy, and gastric smooth muscle removal and hernia repair surgeries under the leadership of Director Liu Zhenzhong who had been to Japan to study laparoscopic techniques. The adoption of Laparoscopy, esophagoscopy and choledochoscopy combined technique to the treatment of colorectal cancer was successfully performed in this Department. The laparoscopic technique of this department has become familiar and is at the leading level within the province.


The Department took the lead in carrying out local resection of duodenal ampulla tumor, biliary pancreatic duodenal resection, anastomosis of the digestive tract, huge abdominal tumor resection, massive hepatectomy, partial resection of the spleen, and primary common bile duct incision suture in Shandong Province. It introduced fiber choledophthalmoscope, ultrasonic knife, bedside ultrasound machine, ECG monitor and other advanced equipment. The nursing team won the provincial-level “Youth Civilization” honor because of the excellent works.


Tel: 0538-6236912 (General Surgery Clinic)

The First Ward: 0538-6236709 (Nurse Station), 6230822 (Doctor's Office)

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