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Medical Image


Department of Medical Image was evaluated as the provincial key discipline by Shandong Ministry of Health in 1997, it provided master-degree program for Taishan Medical University. The Department has 11 chief physicians and professors, 9 deputy chief physicians and associate professors, and 6 of them with doctor degree 13 with master degree. It equipped with 256-slice spiral CT, 128-slice spiral CT, 16-slice spiral CT, 1.5T MRI, 3.0T MRI, digital apparatus, moveable DR, digital mammography, DSA and other large-scale medical diagnosis equipment. It did pioneering research on early diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, medical image diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases, the diagnosis of the nervous system and the study of epilepsy, magnetic resonance imaging, CT and MRI diagnosis of chest diseases. Most academic tasks were regarded as the advanced level home and aboard.


Liu Linxiang, the discipline leader, MD, tutor of master degree candidates. He learned from the state famed professor Chen Xingrong and Wu Enhui, he went toJapan and Koreafor his advanced study as the visiting scholar, his medical image diagnosis on gastrointestinal tract disease up to national advanced level.


Li Changqin, the discipline leader, MM, tutor of master degree candidates. He has a high accomplishment on the medical image diagnosis on muscle and bone joint clinical frequently-occurring diseases and difficult and complicated diseases, he is one of the experts using MRI’S PET function to diagnose muscle and bone diseases at early times.

The department has senior experts such as Yuan Jide, Lan Qi Chen Hesheng, and middle-aged academic backbone such as Lu Chuan, Chen Songguo, Zhu Jianzhong, Ming Lumin Zhang Mei, Xin Yue, Zhu Yingli, Wang Xiaoyan. On technical team aspect, discipline leaders Li Changqin, Liu Linxiang, Zhu Jianzhong worked as deputy director of provincial and municipal medical image institute; on the academic communication aspect, there were more than 40 physicians went to join academic meetings and it hosted 4 continuing education academic meetings.  The department laid emphasis on clinical medicine, education, scientific research, it won more than 20 patents and edited more than 30 medical works with the cooperation of all the physicians. The scientific research improved the clinical works.

It abided by the motto of “Being Virtuous and Sincere, Erudite and Innovative” and took “Quality First, Patient Oriented” as purpose, took inheritance, innovation and development as the own tasks, created high quality medical service for the people and made contribution to the development of medical image industry.