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Epilepsy Diagnosis &Treatment Center


The Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment Center is a key discipline of medicine and health in Shandong Province. The center has 23 professional and technical personnel, among which there are 9 chief physicians and professors, 7 deputy chief physicians and associate professors, 8 doctoral degree holders, 79% of personnel with master degree or above, and 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from Shandong Province, 2 high-level talents in the health system of Shandong Province, 1 person received a special government subsidy from the State Council. Many professors have gone to the       United States , Japan , and South Korea as senior visiting scholars.      


Through the introduction of talents and internal training, the center has gradually established an academic echelon with high level of academic qualifications, professional title and reasonable age structure. It has the ability to undertake national-level scientific projects and carry out high-level scientific research; it has a high-quality team of experimental technicians who can skillfully apply existing advanced equipment to technical experiments and serve clinical research. The center conducted long-term exchanges and cooperation with four well-known clinical trial centers abroad and several epilepsy treatment centers in China . It has achieved fruitful results in clinical research with the cooperation with its counterparts.


The Center has epilepsy specialist outpatient clinics and wards. A number of specialists learn from well-known epilepsy experts at home and abroad. Professor Zhang Jingjun, the current department director, has a deep knowledge of epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. He has diagnosed and treated tens of thousands of epilepsy patients. The efficiency reached about 83%, close to the international best level of 84%, and achieved good social and economic benefits. He completed his research on refractory epilepsy, hereditary epilepsy and drug-resistant, epilepsy epidemiological investigation and prevention in Shandong province, and initially completed the monograph “Practical Women Epilepsy”.


The Center has developed dynamic video EEG monitoring and anti-epileptic drug concentration detection technologies. It has advanced dynamic electroencephalographs, video electroencephalographs, somatosensory evoked potentials-electromyographs, dynamic blood pressure monitors, central monitors, etc. which provide hing quality medical services to patients.



In recent years, the Center has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, identified 8 scientific research achievements, won more than 20 awards of the provincial and departmental level, and published more than 100 papers, 19 of which were included in the SCI, some of the theoretical and research indicators were cited by textbooks and authoritative publications.


Telephone: 0538-6237426 (Outpatient) 6237428 (Ward)