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The Department of Neurology was established in 1974 under the Department of Internal Medicine. In 1987, it was separated from Internal Medicine Department and became an independent discipline. The former heads of neurology department were Professor Si Meilan, Professor Xia Zuoli, Professor Fang Yuzhen, Professor Sun Baoliang, and Professor Niu Jingzhong. At present, the Department is the “Taishan Scholar” special professor unit, it is a key Clinical Speciality Unit in Shandong Province, a key Medical Specialty Unit in Tai’an City, and the Epilepsy Clinic is a key discipline of medicine and health in Shandong Province; it is the first batch of units which approved as Medical Quality Demonstration Department and Quality Nursing Service Demonstration Ward in Shandong Province; the Department is approved to offer training program for graduates from Taishan Medical College, and has jointly conducted doctoral training program with Shandong University; it is the Clinical Base of Institute of Microcirculation of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Brain Microcirculation Laboratory under the jurisdiction of this Department is the key laboratory for Shandong Provincial Department of Education.


The Department focuses on the construction of a talented team and initially forms an innovative team with excellent medical services, wide academic vision, and grasping the frontier dynamics of disciplines at home and abroad. There are 32 doctors in this department including 2 doctoral tutors, 9 master tutors, 8 physicians with doctoral degrees, 19 with master degrees, 1 expert enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, and 2 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 2 young and middle-aged key scientific and technological talents in Shandong Province's medical and health system, 6 person-times worked as deputy director of national academic societies. The Department has 8 professors and chief physicians, 5 associate professors and deputy chief physicians, 7 attending physicians, and 12 physicians.


The Department consists of sub-specialty in cerebrovascular disease, sub-specialty in epilepsy, sub-specialty in Parkinson's disease, sub-specialty in neurodegenerative diseases, sub-specialty in cerebrovascular disease, sub-specialty in neuromuscular diseases, neuroimmune diseases and dementia. The Department is the Chinese Stroke Center Alliance Department. The Department made remarkable achievements on superficial thrombolytic treatment of cerebral infarction, cerebrovascular disease screening and intervention in the early stage, intracranial and extracranial vascular evaluation and interventional therapy, treatment of critical illnesses, exploration and promotion of nerve repair strategies; it attached importance to the diagnostic value of neuroelectrophysiological examinations in difficult neurological diseases, and have regional EMG testing center to improve diagnostic level of intractable diseases; Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment Center is the key specialty in Shandong Province, it carried out long-term monitoring of long-term EEG and sleep EEG monitoring work, and had rich experience in female epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. The databases have been gradually set up for cognitive disorders screening.


In addition to the 3.0T and 1.5T MRIs, 256- and 128-slice spiral CTs, and first-class equipments such as large-scale angiography machines, electromyography and dynamic electroencephalography, EEG video apparatus, dynamic blood pressure, transcranial color Doppler, laser Doppler flowmeter, multi-site microcirculation detector, and central monitor, all of which provide patients with the best quality of medical services and protection. Every year, peers from   Japan , South Korea , and the United States come to the department for a visit or academic exchange.  


The Department has achieved fruitful results in scientific research. In the past five years, it has undertaken 9 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and 8 projects of the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province. The Department has spent more than 3 million yuan on scientific research funds, it has won 7 provincial science and technology awards and more than 20 scientific and technical awards at the bureau level. It has published more than 280 research papers, more than 40 of which were included in SCI. The brain microcirculation laboratory is a key laboratory in Shandong Province, it has some of the most advanced international equipments such as laser confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, capillary electrophoresis, which laid solid foundation for the development and innovation of the discipline.

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